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  • Tongling nonferrous gold god wear-resisting material co., LTD. New website(English versions of the version)Officially launched,Site by the originalwww.tlysjs.com.cnChange towww.kankanxian.cn
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  Tongling nonferrous gold god wear-resisting material co., LTD(简称金神公司)Corriente was is tongling nonferrous metals group company holding subsidiaries,Casting is set、Forging、Gold processing into a professional steel ball production enterprises,Was established1993Years,A20Years of development history,Its products are widely used in all kinds of mines、Cement plant、Power plants and other industrial fields。  In recent years,God of gold companies increase investment in science and technology,Introduction of cultivating talents,Successively with the Beijing institute of technology、Beijing university of technology、Nanjing university of science and technology、Hefei university of technology、Anhui provincial machinery research institute and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to carry out“Production”Cooperation,Based on the requirement of the industry development goals,Successfully developed many new products、The new process,National invention patent and magnetic spectrum limitation, etc. The patent for utility model15Items,And the national small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund project support;2009Annuity god company was named the national high-tech enterprises。  Main products not only sold in tongling nonferrous metals group company internal industrial enterprises,Also exported to China gold group of Inner Mongolia mining company、Jiangxi copper company、Maanshan iron and steel group、And a number of large enterprises in the six chemical company,Get the user's consistent high praise,The market share rapid ascension,Increasing influence and popularity in the business。Through the efforts in recent years,Golden god company capacity、Sales continued ascension,Scientific and technological progress、Economic and technical indicators continue optimization,Enterprise development present a good momentum。At the same time,Gold god also continue to strengthen the management of company and specifications,Successively carried outIS09001:2008Quality system certification、Metallurgical enterprise level 3 safety standardization,Gradual performance excellence management model。Market operation、Technological innovation、Process management aspects, such as a larger increase。  “Five-year”During the period,Gold god company will hold tongling nonferrous exceeds one hundred billion yuan internationalization of building construction enterprise group,Since the added pressure further,Constantly surpass themselves,Aimed at the domestic advanced level,Will develop further explicit target、Standardization、Systematic,To the“To enlarge”Wonderful goal across,Unswervingly promote the sustained and healthy development of enterprises。Gold company in line with god“People-oriented、Solidarity、Pragmatic innovation、The pursuit of excellence”The spirit of enterprise,With sincerity and customers together to create the future。
News focus
Jiang Yu good manager to god king company for specific work research     9Month9On the afternoon,Jiang Yu good investment company manager,The deputy manager Wang Haoxiang、Technology executives Tang Ba Ming and god together to the king, head of the company relevant departments for special research work。     In the research,Jiang Yu good managers listen to the god of gold companies in Ecuador research report about the preparation before,And the research emphasis and project carried out analysis and discussion。To do this,Jiang Yu good manager puts forward some requirements in this job:One is to urban workers to take serious research and analysis related problem,List the research outline in detail,A targeted plan the inspection plan;The second is to sift out the production line and relevant policy on ehs;3 it is to do a good job in the early stage of the domestic relevant provisions of the foreign trade and production in all kinds of cost data,Positive for the application。
Product display
  • Alloy steel forging
  • Low chromium cast ball
  • High chromium cast balls
  • Alloy forging the ball
  • Container packing
  • Iron drum packaging
  • Iron box packaging
  • Tons of bags